Monthly Archives: September 2019

Twitch on a Samsung Smart TV

Back in April of this year (2019) Samsung decided to remove from the SmartTV app store the application I used to watch twitch. The more annoying part was that this action also disabled the application on my two TVs. For a while I was content with the twitch app on my media player (LibreElec on a PI3), although there were some mild bugs on both the app and the system.

With WCS Fall 2019 [1] approaching (I love my Starcraft) I decided to find a better solution for this and after a bit of use of my google-fu I found Felipe’s [2] smarttv-twitch [3]. The application fully supports all 4k and 1080p Samsung TVs released in 2016 or later. Easy to follow instructions and half an hour later and a small bump with java (grrr), both my TVs had the new app installed. Oh, I guess I am a Tizen developer now (I had to mark my Samsung account as a developer account in order to be able to upload the app to the TVs).

Turns up the new app is way better than the old one and I’m really happy with it. I think twitch should hire the guy (or at least license his work) and work with Samsung to make it available trough the appstore.

Now let’s see [4]  who will win. Terran FTW! 🙂